Year in Review: First 510(k)s in 2016

The following 18 companies received their first FDA 510(k) in 2016. Whats interesting is that some companies like CG Bio, Meril Life Sciences and Overmed were founded in 2006a decade ago. Another, such as Onkos Surgical, was founded as recently as 2015.

GE to Acquire Stake in Concept Laser

General Electric reached an agreement to acquire a 75% stake in Concept Laser, manufacturer of powder bed-based laser additive manufacturing machines, for 549MM (~US $599MM). 

Pre-clinical Study Results: Stryker’s 3D-printed Tritanium PL Interbody Cage

Results from a pre-clinical interbody fusion study of Stryker Spine's 3D-printed Tritanium PL Interbody Cage demonstrated statistically superior range of motion, bone in-growth and greater average construct stiffness vs. PEEK and titanium plasma-sprayed PEEK cages.